Microwave and RF Consulting

Tel: 310-367-5768

Advanced circuit design and circuit simulation services are available. Linear S parameter, non linear harmonic balance, and electromagnetic 2½ D circuit analysis is available for both existing products and for new product development.

Design specialties include analog, RF, and Microwave circuit design on PCB, Microstrip, Stripline, and multi-layer substrates such as LTCC.

The variety of circuit design includes amplifiers, oscillators, Frequency multipliers, comb generators, detectors, switches, attenuators, Filters, analog filters, power combiners and dividers, And up/down frequency converters.

Schematics, assembly drawings, parts lists, and wire schedules are available For PCB assemblies, Microwave Integrated Circuits (MIC), and Integrated microwave assemblies (IMA).

Frequency up/down frequency converters can be analyzed with Link Analysis that include gain, output power, 1 dB compression, IP3, and noise figure. Mixer harmonics and frequency products can also be Provided.

Problems of existing products can be trouble-shot for solutions.

Substrate circuit board design techniques to reduce EMC radiation are available.

Specification documents, test procedures, proposals, worst case analysis, preliminary & critical design presentation packages, and manufacturing readiness review packages can be written per your company guidelines.